Fordham Student Sponsored Fellowship (FSSF) is a student-run organization dedicated to funding summer internships at public interest organizations and government agencies. In order to qualify for a fellowship, you must volunteer with FSSF throughout the school year. Most volunteer hours will consist of preparation for our silent auction in March. Each student is required to canvas a New York City neighborhood for items to auction off. Canvassing is primarily done over winter break. Students are also required to volunteer at the auction.

In the spring, fellowship applications will be made available. Fellowships will be granted based on participation with FSSF. For a ten-week full time internship, first year law students will receive $4,000 and second year law students will receive $5,000. We will consider prorating your funding if you do not intend to work the full ten weeks.

While you do not have to secure your internship before you apply for funding, keep in mind that in order to receive your fellowship you will have to confirm with us that you will be an unpaid legal intern at either a non-profit organization or a government agency. We do not fund judicial internships.

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