Past Recipients

A few profiles of past recipients from the past few years. FSSF has given out many fellowships to Fordham Law students each year since its inception.


Class year: Class of 2016

Summer Employer: Acacia Network, Inc.

Best summer work experience: Like some of the recipients before me, I am unable to chose just one moment or assignment to write about. I was lucky enough to experience working in the counsel’s office for a non-profit that serves its local community in a myriad of ways, but usually through partnering with and assisting other nonprofits who tackle heath care and low-income housing issues. I worked with a small legal team and was able to get face-to-face feedback on all of my assignments and learned how non-profits navigate the world from a legal perspective.

My FSSF Experience: FSSF made my summer internship experience possible and also introduced me to wonderful like-minded people who are all interested in pursuing public interest work.



Class year: Class of 2015

Summer Employer: NYS Office of the Attorney General- Organized Crime Task Force

Best summer work experience: It’s hard to pick just one experience, as every day I was learning new things and getting more involved in cases, but it was a tremendous opportunity to help represent the people of New York. Seeing my cases evolve throughout the investigation process and knowing that I was helping bring about justice was incredibly rewarding.

My FSSF Experience: Working at the AG’s office was a fantastic experience that would not have been possible without the support of FSSF and its generous donors. The reach of FSSF is incredible and allows students to work in all areas of the legal field with the aim of serving the public when that might not otherwise be possible.



Class year: Class of 2014

Summer Employer: The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities

Best summer work experience: Mediating employment discrimination claims and helping the parties reach settlement agreements.

My FSSF Experience: Working with the CHRO was a tremendous experience and a great opportunity to learn while helping members of the community who had faced discrimination in the workplace.  Without the support of FSSF, and the people who donated to and who came to enjoy our auction, I would not have been able to have the experiences I had or helped the people I met this summer.  The people who contribute to FSSF each year make it possible for students such as myself to make the decision to give back to the community in ways that would be cost prohibitive without the support of FSSF.



Class year: Class of 2013

Summer Employer: Social Security Administration, Office of the General Counsel – Region II

Best Summer Work Experience:  The best part about interning at the Social Security Administration’s Office of the General Counsel was the enormous amount of trust that the public has in the Agency and the resulting sense of responsibility to ensure the Agency serves the public at a very high level.  It was extremely gratifying to be able to work to safeguard the vast amount of information controlled by SSA and to assist in making sure benefits, which are a true lifeline for many recipients, are not misused.

My FSSF Experience:  To me, FSSF is a great group of students, alumni and friends who are committed to supporting public service, both through their own service and fundraising efforts.  I am very proud to be part of an organization that supports Fordham law students in pursuing public service and, in turn, provides thousands of hours of legal work at no cost to non-profit organizations or government agencies.



Class Year: Class of 2013

Summer Employer Name: The Pace Women’s Justice Center, Family Court Legal Program

Best Summer Work Experience: Representing female victims of domestic violence in Family Court under a student practice order; drafting petitions for orders of protection and child custody.

My FSSF Experience: Taking an unpaid public service internship would not have been possible for me without the help of FSSF.  I can’t express enough gratitude toward the people who came to the auction and donated their money to help make public service internships like mine possible.



Class Year: Class of 2012

Summer Employer Name and Mission: Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. It is the mission of Lincoln Center to bring the highest quality performing arts from around the world to the largest possible audience.

Best Summer Work Experience: It is difficult for me to single out one experience from my summer at Lincoln Center. After all, interning in the legal department of one of the most vibrant organizations in the world is itself inherently exciting. My assignments were consistently engaging and touched upon numerous areas law, including matters of litigation, intellectual property, education, real estate, and municipal law. And the warm, dedicated, and thoughtful community at Lincoln Center made my work experience even more enjoyable.

My FSSF Experience: It would have been difficult for me to complete my internship without financial assistance. I am grateful for FSSF’s stipends and am proud to be part of an organization that supports work in the non-profit sector.



Class Year: Class of 2011

Summer Employer Name: Advocates for the Children of New York

Best Summer Work Experience: I had the amazing opportunity to work at Advocates for Children of New York. While working at AFC, I researched the legal rights of special education students, attended impartial hearings regarding the provision of adequate educational services, drafted an appellate brief to the State Review Officer, answered hotline questions about the special education system and a child’s and parents’ rights, and researched and conducted site visits to various public and specialty schools throughout the greater New York City area.

My FSSF Experience: My stipend from FSSF allowed me to help special needs children in the New York City school system achieve the educational placements and services they need and deserve.



Class Year: Class of 2011

Summer Employer Name and Mission: Southern District of New York’s Pro Se Office.

The work of this office serves an important social function in helping pro se litigants to navigate a highly complicated legal system and have their claims heard in federal court.

Best Summer Work Experience: The internship not only taught me a great deal about our judicial system, but also helped people in need of legal support.

My FSSF Experience: The FSSF stipend enabled me to work as a judicial intern at the Southern District of New York’s Pro Se Office.

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