The Legend of Fuller the Golden Pig

The annual FSSF Auction has always represented the best of the tradition of strong support and giving from the greater Law School community to our students who choose to dedicate their law school summers to public service work.

When the first Auction was organized in 1992, one of that year’s student directors baked a loaf of Irish soda bread to contribute to the silent auction.  Seeing no bids on the modest loaf at the end of the silent auction, her co-director friends decided on the spur of the moment to add the soda bread to the live auction.  Much to everyone’s pleasant surprise, a lively bidding war quickly ensued, and the final bid on the bread reached several hundred dollars.  From that year on, the famed Irish soda bread made its annual appearance with much fanfare at the FSSF Auction, and year after year it fetched a price exceeding the previous year – all for the good of our student summer volunteers.  This continued for ten years until 2002 – the year that Fordham Law’s beloved Dean John Feerick ended his 20 year tenure as Dean.  At the auction that year, history was made.  Thomas Kavaler (’72), a partner at the law firm of Cahill Gordon and a former President of the Fordham Law Alumni Association, brought the auditorium where the live auction is held to a hushed silence and then thunderous applause when he stood to announce that he would set his bid for the soda bread that year at $1,000 – for each year of John Feerick’s service as Dean.  This $20,000 bid was the largest ever made for the Irish soda bread, and was made with the understanding that the lore of the famous soda bread would retire with Dean Feerick.

And so the following year, the student directors of the FSSF were challenged to create a new tradition to tap the same spirit of generosity and giving that the Irish soda bread had attracted for so many years.  In 2008, the student directors came upon the concept of a golden pig, to represent a bank to serve as the repository for the generosity of the Fordham Law donors to support students who were living the Law School’s motto, “In the Service of Others.”  The Golden Pig was named Fuller in memory of Paul Fuller, the first Dean of Fordham Law School, and is now auctioned every year as was the Irish soda bread of the past to fill the coffers for summer stipends for our students working in the best legal interests of the public.  And so the tradition and the legend continues!

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