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Experiencing Homelessness | Friends of the State Street Family

Experiencing Homelessness

Outreach Line

Call or Text: 608-535-9394


All efforts are made to respond to our voice-to-text outreach line within 24 hours. Please leave your name, contact information, and state the reason for your call so that we can respond appropriately to your call.

Friends of the State Street Family relies on the generous financial and in-kind gifts from our amazing donors. For this reason we will try our best to fulfill reasonable special requests, but fulfillment is not guaranteed.

Community Resources

Local Programs

Persons who are HIV and AIDS infected

Substance Abuse, Mental Health (Women)


Poverty-affected individuals and families, Veterans

Early Head Start Families

Domestic Violence Victims and their families

Older Adults with disabilities

Incarcerated parents with young children and formerly incarcerated individuals

Formerly incarcerated individuals

“Qualified households” from Middleton, Cross Plains and West Madison

LGBTQ Individuals & Families

Families & Individuals

Men & Women with persistent Mental Health issues

Single Women and Families

Women with Children and Single Women

Families and Individuals in the Stoughton Area

Homeless Individuals with a substance abuse and/or mental health disorder

Pregnant young single women (18- 26)




Women and Families

Child Care
City of Madison Child Care Assistance Program

UW Madison Office of Child Care and Family Resources

Wisconsin Dept of Children & Families Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program (WISHARES)

Reach Dane

YMCA Dane County


Family Service Madison

Restorative Justice/Re-Entry
Madison Metropolitan School District Transitional Education Program

Department of Public Instruction

School Break Activities
School – Madison Metropolitan School District Transition Education Program