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Keys to Dignity Locker Program

Friends of the State Street Family’s Keys to Dignity locker program was established to help people experiencing homelessness be less vulnerable to theft and damaged or lost possessions with camouflaged lockers and access to case managers. The lockers provide safe storage while individuals sleep, work, and get around with less to carry so they can attend appointments, interviews, and work without the risk of their belongings being stolen or thrown away.

We are currently actively seeking locations to be site hosts for lockers. Ideally, sets of 3-7 lockers would be installed in close proximity to downtown Madison or along bus routes at participating commercial and non-profit business properties. The custom lockers will be designed using urban camouflage to blend in with their surroundings.

If you are able to host a bank of lockers or are able to connect us directly with property owners, please email us.

Urban-Camouflaged Lockers for Madison’s Homeless

  • Secure storage while individuals sleep, interview and work
  • Decreased stolen, damaged, or lost possessions
  • Predictable access to a case worker or street outreach volunteer who will advocate for them
  • Placement on the Housing First list for the most vulnerable
  • Feeling of security, relief, and self-worth

Collaborative effort by FSSF, the City of Madison, Dane County, & Department of Administration and Social Services.

For further information please email us.
Keys to Dignity Locker Program